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Nature Photo Journals
October 2019 - Australia & New Guinea

Cruising 8,237.6 Nautical Miles, we circumnavigated the continent of Australia aboard the Sea Princess. On the way from Sydney to Sydney in a counter clockwise direction, we had the opportunity to visit Alotau, Papua, New Guinea. 

The very fortunate thing about our timing, was that we traveled just prior to the terrible wildfires that ravaged the country in late 2019-2020.

Even more fortunate, we returned home at the very beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic!

Both my wife and I had a serious illness upon return home from the trip.  Upon going to the doctor, I was told I had bronchitis!  This was before they had heard of Covid.  We think we had fought this off with the strengths of our own immune systems.  We will never know for sure.

Amsterdam Centrum

Sydney Opera House

Warriors in War Canoe

Alotau, Papua, New Guinea

Braubach Rhineland - Marksburg Castle


Miltenberg, Bavaria, Germany

‎⁨Kinderdijk⁩, ⁨South Holland⁩, ⁨Netherlands⁩

‎⁨Kinderdijk⁩, ⁨South Holland⁩, ⁨Netherlands⁩

‎⁨Pegnitz⁩, ⁨Nürnberg⁩, ⁨Bavaria⁩, ⁨Germany⁩

‎⁨Vienna⁩, ⁨Austria⁩ - Lipizzaner stallions

‎⁨Budapest⁩, ⁨Hungary⁩

‎⁨Gödöllői Dombvidék Tájvédelmi Körzet⁩, ⁨Domonyvölgy⁩, ⁨Pest⁩, ⁨Hungary⁩

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