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Nature Photo Journals

Album No.1


Album No.2

Australia & New Guinea

Album No.3


Nature Photo Journals

I have been traveling the world, believe it or not, since the early 1990's  At first, I was excited to share all the beautiful natural scenes that I came across, as I traveled with my beautiful wife, and occasionally with family.

But, it was soon afterwards that I realized that there was much more to share.  That was the cultures, and so many other aspects of travel.

For instance, when you walk down the narrow streets of quaint, historic towns in Italy, or pub hop the streets of Ireland or standing at the Royal Gates of Buckingham Palace observing the changing of the Guard.

There is so much of interest in the world to share, I could not limit myself to nature, as splendid as that may be. 

So, that is why I share my travels, under the title of "NaturePhotoJournals". 

I truly hope that you enjoy what my camera lens viewed.  If so, please, few free to let me know.  I would love to know if you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

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